Facial Recognition Technology soon in Dubai

Date March 17, 2021

Written by
Lara Basso

Facial recognition, soon this innovative technology will become a norm in all UAE.

In recent years, scientific progress has made great strides, reaching goals that until recently were truly unthinkable.



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The UAE is one of the top 10 countries for readiness for future challenges. Dubai aims to become the smartest city in the modern world.


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The pro-entrepreneurial government makes it an extremely fertile ground for possible collaborations between major technology companies like IBM, Microsoft, start-ups like Careem, Starzplay and the public sector.

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PICS CREDIT: Prateek-kocharDubai is set to grow into a competitive international economy operated by disruptive technology. After the successful arrival of the Probe satellite to Mars, which marked a historic milestone, The UAE cabinet has approved another major trial, the use of facial recognition technology to verify personal data.

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(https://www.aspectussecurecapitalrealestate.com/missiontomars/ )




The recognition is done through digital image processing techniques, ignoring anything that does not represent a face, such as buildings, trees, bodies, usually referred to as background. Each face has a very distinctive feature.

But let’s look at it specifically:





Facial recognition can be used in real-time systems to easily and instantly recognize who the person in front of the sensor is. In China and Japan, it has already been placed through video cameras in the streets of big cities monitoring millions of people.


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In this way, for example, a simple facial recognition will allow the airport to avoid the problem of endless lines, to fill out documents in different languages, a simple click will be enough to evaluate the person in question.


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The whole world has undoubtedly changed, we use solar-powered cars and smartphones, a reality that connects billions of people a day. We watch TV on ultra-HD screens, we order food at tables via an iPad, in other words, everything is within everyone’s reach and the more time passes, the harder it becomes to imagine what the next technological step will be.

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