National Flag Day 2020

Date November 3, 2020

Written by
Lara Basso

Happy National flag day.
November 3rd marks the anniversary of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Al Nahyan to become president of Uae in 2004.
In memory of this event, the flags of the Uae are proudly displayed all over the Emirates.
                                                                                                Credit for the pic: Say Shafique
The flag contains 4 colors, red, green, black, and white.
Each of these has a specific meaning.
The Red reminds the sacrifices of the old generation that laid the foundation to build this Nation.
The Green means hope, cultural and economic growth.
The White is in support of security and peace in the world, and finally, the Black color is to indicate the strength of the Emirates in rejecting injustice and extremism.
                                                                                 Credit: Clker-Free-Vector-Images on
Interesting is the story of how the flag is born.
In 1917, Abdullah Mohammed al Maainah, then a 19-year-old teenager, created the flag for a competition advertised in Al Ittihad newspaper.
He won the competition beating more than 1000 competitors.
“Designing the UAE flag has marked my name in the Nation’s history”, Al Maainah said.
The colors were initially used by Al Maainah differently.
He said he used black to signify the oil that transformed the country, green to symbolize fertility and prosperity, and the red and white were included as they were already present in some Emirate flags.
Who was just a boy then, now is the Uae Ambassador in Prague.
On this day all Emirates sing the National Anthem, and millions of flags are hung from the windows.
They say it’s a source of happiness so they raise the flags and celebrate their beloved Nation.
                                                           Credit: Toa-heftiba                                                            Credit: Abed-ismail
And how will you celebrate it? With your family in the house, on the beach, or walking enjoying the nice weather in Dubai? In any case, Aspectus Team wishes you a great National flag day.