“The Power of vision”: The Opus

Date December 20, 2020

Written by
Lara Basso

Omniyat’s vast development experience combined with a stroke of genius from Zaha Hadid has provided an impressive masterpiece: The Opus.

Omniyat was founded in 2005 by MAHDI K M J AMJAD. His idea was to grace the UAE’s skyline with projects created by the fusion of high quality and art, in fact, each Omniyat property is a unique work of art, realized by a visionary real-estate developer.



Architect Zaha Hadid, “the Queen of curves”, so-called for her style, was the first woman winning the Pritzker Prize, Architecture Nobel’s in 2004. She created her latest neo-futuristic building located within Burj Khalifa district Dubai, unfortunately, she was not able to see it completed because she passed away in 2016.

Credit for the picture: Port Magazine.


To complement the development’s award-winning design, a Spanish global hotel brand was chosen to host guests from around the world. The brand has properties located in Madrid, Cancun, Barcelona, Milan, and finally now for the first time, in the Middle East, in Dubai, it’s the 5 Star hotel, “ME” by Melia.



The Opus, located in Burj Khalifa district very close to Dubai Water Canal, is 907,400 square feet, with 20 floors above grounds and 7 floors below ground. The external structure resembles an eroded cube from one side and two emerging towers with a bridge of 71 m above the ground from the other side, with a heart of crystal and steel.




Amazing is the harmony with which two of the contrasting elements merge: the angular angles of the external skeleton and the fluid internal curves of the central void of the cube. The architect studied and created every little detail. During the day the cube reflects the sky and its surroundings, and the lights create a magnificent play of perspectives, at night, the eroded heart of the cube “beats” lighting up thanks to the dynamic and autonomous LEDs. A work of art to admire during the day and contemplate at night, in 2019 was selected among the top hotels in the world, and this year, 2020, it won the Ahead Mea Awards. (https://www.aheadawards.com/mea/2020/winners)


Inside, you already have a clear image of refinement in the details, nothing left to chance but all perfectly thought out, the feeling you have will be of fluidity, there are no angles and geometric figures that break, but only curves that accompany. We were able to take a peek, when you enter you have the impression to be in a completely different dimension: a modern spaceship, and what catches your eyes is the structure in a flower shape. Organized in three levels, designed as relaxation and waiting area, whose “leaves” seem to open and overlook the reception area, strategically thought to allow its customers to enjoy the entire architecture in all its nuances. In this spectacular place, guests can have a different experience, of a much higher level. With a unique multiform atmosphere.




The Opus also includes high-quality restaurants, stores with the most important brands, as well as spas, clubs, and office areas, the hotel consists of 74 rooms and 19 suites. The residential apartments are almost all sold out and already in operation, while the hotel just completed the last finishing touches and has two operational restaurants: the Main and Roka…absolutely a must-try.



The roof is reminiscent of a large greenhouse, where the sun illuminates but does not heat, thanks to a double glazed glass, with UV coating to reduce solar gain.





The bedrooms are large, cozy and contemporary, all with technological comforts, the ‘Midnight blue’ so-called, is one of the most eclectic rooms, the colors used are reminiscent of the sea and the sky together. The Vitae bathroom collection was designed by Hadid herself in 2015.



Zaha Hadid said: “I don’t think that architecture is only about shelter, or only about a very simple enclosure. It should be able to excite you, to calm you, to make you think. That was the Architect’s concept, and I think, with The Opus, she accomplished it. 🏆✅

Finally, the “ME” hotel opened its doors to the public, and Aspectus was pleased to be there.