Friday January 28, 2022


Have you ever wondered how it rains in Dubai? Throughout history, from Ancient Egypt to Native Americans, civilizations have tried to summon the rain through dance, but thanks to technology, better results can be achieved today.   The desert is often visualized as an arid environment with no clouds and…
Saturday January 8, 2022


Come to Dubai!!! The metropolis is constantly developing, offering attractions that are hard to find anywhere else in the world. Luxury cars, extravagant and multi-million-dollar properties and exotic pets, particularly lions and tigers, naturally come to mind when people think of Dubai. However, Dubai is much more than just these…
Monday December 13, 2021


  Over the past few years, Dubai’s economy has grown phenomenally, becoming a hub for investment and business worth thousands of billions of dollars. Located between the Orient and the Occident, the city is considered a global trade hub and a futuristic metropolis.              …
Saturday December 4, 2021


What is ASPECTUS? Aspectus Secure Capital Real Estate, is an International Fintech Real Estate Investment Company, based in Dubai, that specialize in providing Safe, Secure and Affordable ways to invest in property.   What are the Benefits of Investing with ASPECTUS? Aspectus uses a traditional commercial investment structure through SPV…
Sunday June 27, 2021

Expo 2020 Premiere by Aspectus

  There are only a few months left until Expo 2020, and Dubai is already building a promising future. It will be the first Universal Exposition in a Middle Eastern Country and there will be plenty of surprises. The Expo will take place from 1st October 2020 to 31st March…
Monday June 14, 2021

Think Different. Think Crypto.

THE NEW CRYPTO-ERA The new technologies, favored by the progress of cryptography and the evolution of the Internet, are producing a radical change in the global economy, with particular reference to the financial sector, in terms of how goods, services, and all financial activities are exchanged. Among the most significant innovation from digital technology to the financial sector, stands out the birth of “cryptocurrencies” (or “virtual currencies”), and the most recognized is bitcoin.   It was the year, 2008 when…
Sunday April 4, 2021


Change in Business is inevitable, Adaptation is optional. Dubai has become synonymous with innovation. The Dubai leadership is striving every day to ensure Dubai and the UAE stay at the forefront of innovation and creativity in every business sector. The Real Estate Market is NO EXCEPTION.   Dubai has some…
Wednesday March 17, 2021

Facial Recognition Technology soon in Dubai

Facial recognition, soon this innovative technology will become a norm in all UAE. In recent years, scientific progress has made great strides, reaching goals that until recently were truly unthinkable.     Credit for the main pic: ArtTower on unsplash 👆🏻       The UAE is one of the…
Wednesday March 10, 2021

The Twisted Bridge

  The Twisted Bridge has been named one of the most magnificent bridges in the world.         Conde Naste Traveller has recognized the Dubai Water Canal bridge (the twisted bridge) as one of the most beautiful in the world.           Another recognition and…
PICS CREDIT: Prateek-kochar
Tuesday February 16, 2021

Emirates go to Mars

While the rest of the world is struggling to overcome this global crisis, the UAE has launched Hope probes on Mars as proof that the impossible can be possible.        PICS CREDIT : (main image) Prateek-Kochar, Ella Pellegrini, Wikilmages. The United Arab Emirates is the fifth country in…
Sunday January 3, 2021

Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi

  The Louvre Abu Dhabi is the largest art museum in the Arabian Peninsula. It covers 24,000 square meters, with 8,000 square meters of galleries.         Credit for the pics: Thomas Drouault, Agnieszka Kowalczk The museum is located in the cultural district of Saadiyat Island with a…
Sunday December 20, 2020

“The Power of vision”: The Opus

Omniyat’s vast development experience combined with a stroke of genius from Zaha Hadid has provided an impressive masterpiece: The Opus.                                         Omniyat was founded in 2005 by MAHDI K M J AMJAD. His…
Monday November 9, 2020

The History of Dates

The date palm is the classic symbol of an oasis and has played an important role in ancient human settlements...
Friday October 30, 2020

The Ancient Dubai

Dive into ancient Dubai, visiting the old hamlet that was built on the banks of Dubai creek, you will be dragged back in time to the 19th century...
Monday October 26, 2020

Happiness is a woman’s job in Dubai

Quality of life and happiness are the new measurement of Dubai government's success. In fact, on February 10th 2016, the Ministry of Happiness was created, drumroll...the Ruler of Dubai announced her Excellency OHOOD BINT KHALIFA AL ROUMI as the country's first Minister of state for Happiness. Happiness is a woman's job.